Organic Beekeeping in action

MELODIA excludes completely the use of antibiotics and pesticides. That way it protects the pure and natural character of the beehives’ microcosm and supports the bees’ cycle of life so that they can produce their top quality products with magical precision and method. We apply traditional methods of natural filtering (natural clarification in barrels). Without thermal or any other treatment, we produce completely raw and unprocessed honey that maintains its natural consistence and taste.
We implement coherently the standards and practices of organic beekeeping. Every stage of the production process as well as the finished products are inspected and certified by BioHellas, the authorized Certification and Inspection Body for organic products (Ε-241929).

In the context of organic practices:

  • We are coping with bees’ illnesses with organic methods, without antibiotics or pesticides.
  • We seasonally transfer our apiaries in mountainous areas and always away from damaged ecosystems, spraying areas and conventional farming.
  • For the nutritional needs of the bees during the winter months, we only use organic honey and not artificial feeding (like sugar or syrup) which would alter the composition and quality of our honey.
  • A fundamental principle of the organic beekeeping is the exclusive use of our own organic wax for the creation of honeycomb’s sheets
  • as well as the exclusive use of natural materials for the construction and the protection of the beehives.

Why choose Organic Beekeeping?

❝  The decision to practice organic beekeeping was an only option for me.
That is where my respect for nature leaded me and the effort to leave the smallest ecological imprint with my choices.
Equally significant was my will to produce crystallized honey of high nutritional value without any trace chemical substances.
It took a lot of persistence in order to acquire the knowledge and possess the experience of organic methods as well as many tiring trips while searching for the cleanest locations.
In the end, a single look at one of our honey jars is enough to give me strength to continue serving strictly the organic beekeeping.
And of course nature is wise and always an ally!  ❞

Kiriakos Viros, Beekeeper – Producer